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Williams Management offers exclusive boutique management for elite actors and presenters; supporting the casting industry for film, television, musical theatre and stage since 2002. Williams Management represents and manages talent in Sydney, Melbourne and Queensland whilst also nurturing US alliances and managing talent in LA since 2005.

Williams Management has led the Queensland talent industry in discovering, developing and launching new faces to become well recognised talent, celebrities, TV Week Logie award winners and nominees. In 2009 Williams Management expanded its elite talent portfolio in Melbourne and Sydney, driving the launch of additional high profile talent and celebrities.

Williams Management creates and develops strategic plans for their partners and clients with a personable, energetic and cohesive approach. Williams Managements’ manifesto is based on professional integrity, dedication, focus, motivation and success.

Williams’ managers are exceptionally dedicated and committed to the careers of their artists. They work passionately with leading Australian casting directors, production companies, networks and international agents and managers; seeking and pursuing the best opportunities in current and pending productions. Williams Management is also strategically aligned with media, publicity partners and corporate contacts to best support the interests of leading clients.

In response to the growing number of blockbuster feature films being shot in Queensland, Williams Management has opened a development division called ‘Williams Talent’. This division is for actors based in Queensland looking to gain more experience within the industry who are interested in extra work as well as commercials.  Within this division, talent are guided on how to develop as an actor with the potential for management representation in the future.


Madonna Williams
Madonna WilliamsFounder
In 2002 Madonna Williams launched a mission to change the future for talented Queensland performers.

With experience in the entertainment industry since 1986, she intended to raise the profile of local actors and presenters for bookings in Australia and the US. In the first 5 years her efforts were rewarded with regular role bookings on popular television series, Logie awards, major film roles and major advertising campaigns.

Never before had Queensland-based artists received so much attention, making Williams a recognised and credible name in the industry in Australia and LA.

Madonna is now a presenter, author, yoga leader and motivational speaker; and continues her role with Williams in business and creative development and as personal mentor for the leading agents.

Gael McDonald
Gael McDonaldDirector/Manager
With the foremost career intention of helping others achieve their dream, Gael McDonald joined forces with Williams Management in 2007 as Partner.

With her pioneering mindset, rock solid stamina and infectious energy, this business savvy manager knows exactly how to nurture the career of extraordinary talent.

Thriving on the excitement and fast paced nature of the business, she has played an instrumental role in securing talent in popular television series’, major feature films and advertising campaigns, nationally and internationally.

With a solid 11 year background in Marketing and Customer Relations, Gael is the very definition of a leading agent.

Heidi Pietzner
Heidi PietznerManager
She was the “go-to” person in Tokyo for Japanese music producers scouting talent for TVCs and album recordings, building one of the city’s leading music agencies. Her expertise developed in entertainment licensing between the US and Japan whilst living in San Francisco. And on her return to Australia, she worked under veteran manager Michael Lynch.

Now, Heidi Pietzner reigns manager of Williams’ Melbourne and Sydney talent base, celebrating the success of nurturing the career of some of Australia’s finest actors and presenters.

Perceptive, focused and with her eye on the prize; she knows extraordinary talent when she sees it and has the natural ability to understand both the essence of talent and their work, and industry needs.

Heidi has an unblemished career record in 3 countries as she takes the ball and runs with it for a touchdown.

Mia Grunwald
Mia GrunwaldAgent

Mia Grunwald began her career within the film and television industry at a young age. Her passion for acting lead her to study at some of the highest regarded institutions around Australia, including; NIDA (National Institute of Performing Arts), AIPA (Australian Institute of Performing Arts) and AAA (Australian Acting Academy). Mia is constantly determined to build on her experience and strengthen her technique in all areas of the industry. Her drive for this allowed her to work with highly recognisable production companies in departments including production and casting. With degrees from QUT in Business and Creative Industries, Mia has the natural ability to merge her business and creative mindset to build actors careers.

Working as Agent for QLD’s developmental division ‘William’s Talent’, Mia is a goal driven, charismatic agent who brings a warming energy to the agency. Every actor has a different path and Mia is dedicated to nurturing these relationships and opening the door to their futures.