Mieke Billing-Smith

Mieke Billing-Smith is a fresh, young actress from Melbourne who has loved drama and acting for as long as she can remember.

After much persistent begging, Mieke’s parents enrolled her in a drama school at age 10 and her confidence blossomed. This lead to lead roles in school productions and community theatre, and the fire in her belly grew. Deciding it was time to move from theatre to television, Mieke enrolled in a screen acting course.

After first appearing on television in the 2014 series Party Tricks, Mieke starred in a variety of commercials. Her biggest role to date is playing Willow Bliss, the daughter of Madeleine West’s character Dee Bliss on Neighbours.

Mieke is currently in year 12 and enjoys her schoolwork and is very studious. She also loves listening to music and playing around on the piano.

Mieke finds herself surrounded by movies and acting as she has a part-time job at the cinemas. Her biggest acting influence has always been Heath Ledger and his creativity has had a major impact on her life.